Epiphany Counseling, Consulting & Treatment Services, PC
  • Miyume McKinley, LCSW
    Miyume McKinley, LCSW
    LCSW 64555
  • Kourtney Gonzalez, LMFT
    Kourtney Gonzalez, LMFT
    LMFT 101398
  • Sunaz Panah, ASW
    Sunaz Panah, ASW
    ASW 72361 *Bilingual in English and Farsi
  • Dr. Bettye Ford, PhD
    Dr. Bettye Ford, PhD
  • Lucia Sosa Franco, LCSW
    Lucia Sosa Franco, LCSW
    LCSW 79264 *Bilingual in English & Spanish
  • Erin Favre-Smith, LCSW
    Erin Favre-Smith, LCSW
    LCSW 66337
  • Nicole Duarte, LMFT
    Nicole Duarte, LMFT
    LMFT 97017 *Bi-lingual in English & Spanish
  • Dr. Bruce S. Riley, LMFT
    Dr. Bruce S. Riley, LMFT
    LMFT 34085
  • Vanessa Volpicelli, LMFT
    Vanessa Volpicelli, LMFT
    LMFT 88551
  • Cierra West, LMFT
    Cierra West, LMFT
    LMFT 107202
  • Esther Jou, AMFT, APCC
    Esther Jou, AMFT, APCC
    AMFT 99997 APCC 3990 *Bilingual in English & Mandarin Chinese
  • Elias Mejia, LCSW
    Elias Mejia, LCSW
    LCSW 76734 *Bilingual in English and Spanish
  • Kirsten Filson, LMFT
    Kirsten Filson, LMFT
    LMFT 90723
  • Myeisha Green, MFTI
    Myeisha Green, MFTI
    IMF 90085
  • Crystle Olivo, LCSW
    Crystle Olivo, LCSW
    LCSW 66044
  • Dr. Scott Nelson
    Dr. Scott Nelson
    PSY 27994
  • Dr. Nina Ashrafzadeh, Psy.D.
    Dr. Nina Ashrafzadeh, Psy.D.
    IMF 103707 *Bi-lingual in English and Farsi
  • Ruben Arancibia, LCSW
    Ruben Arancibia, LCSW
    LCSW 72810 - *Bilingual English & Spanish
  • Dr. Teri Davis, PhD
    Dr. Teri Davis, PhD
    PSY 29799