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Epiphany Counseling, Consulting & Treatment Services, PC was developed to provide quality psychotherapy to individuals, couples, families, and groups. We recognize that there are several things that are extremely important in order for therapy to be effective:

• The connection you have with your therapist
• An environment free from JUDGMENT or CRITICISM
• A therapist who listens and has a desire to understand
• Being open to the possibility of change

There is no challenge too big or too small; together we will build on your strengths to aid you in overcoming what may now appear to be a hopeless situation. Start your journey to healing, hope, and peace of mind today. Webster Dictionary defines an Epiphany as a moment in which you suddenly see or understand something in a new or very clear way. We are here to support you on your journey to this moment.


Epiphany Counseling, Consulting & Treatment Services provides quality psychotherapy services to children, adolescents & adults. Treatment is individualized to meet the needs of every individual, couple and/or family.


Provide Healing, Cultivate Hope, Promote Peace of Mind


Integrity - ECCTS will always hold integrity as a primary function of our facility, both for our clients and staff. This is of utmost importance and is not negotiable. This is how we provide a safe place for individuals, families, and couples.

Individualized treatment - We recognize that every individual, family, and couple has different needs and expectations so a "cookie cutter" approach to therapy is not effective.


Excellence - We commitment to hiring and training quality staff so that every experience at ECCTS builds trusting relationships with both our clients, the community, and outside collaborations.

Holism: We believe in a holistic approach in addressing mental health services as we recognize that a combination of physical, mental, emotional and social issues impact on the mental health of all individuals.

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